Suzy Friedman Fine Art - An Acclaimed Fine Artist Specializing In Judaica Art, Painted Landscapes, and Still Life

"An Artful Life" - Now Available

This volume is a veritable celebration of the works of Indianapolis artist Suzy Friedman. Throughout her prolific career as a fine artist, Suzy displayed remarkable artistic range-using oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, ink, pencil, cut glass and more to produce timeless works of art.

This collection showcases some of Suzy's most dazzling works, while demonstrating her uncommon ability to skillfully interpret her vision in a variety of media. Each section of the volume contains words of introduction that bring the reader closer to the artist herself and revealing how her bold evolution as an artist continued without end. At the end of her life, Suzy was at the height of her artistic brilliance, saying in January, 2017:

"I just needed to draw and paint. I needed to feel the subject...and the immediacy of the light and the textures. I loved the mixing of the paint, and understanding that I could accomplish more with less. And I learned to know when I needed to stop. I really just needed to paint..." -Suzy Friedman

The cost of the book is $60.

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